Kohoike.org is a search application for the Hawaii State Campaign Spending Commission’s contributions database.

“Koho Ike” roughly means “election knowledge.” At Kohoike.org you can gain election knowledge by intuitively searching Hawaii state candidates and donors in a variety of ways. Candidates are individuals running for a state or county office. Donors can be individuals, non-candidate committees, PACs and corporations.

For example, you can search who donated the most to state candidates, whether you are interested in most in terms of dollar amount, average per campaign or number of candidates.

You are also able to identify which special interests support which candidates, and where candidates get most of their campaign cash.

The database for this website is derived and updated from Hawaiis Campaign Spending Commission database through Hawaiis Open Data Portal.

The database includes both non-candidate committee and individual donations to state and county political candidates beginning with the 2008 election season. This database does not include donations to federal candidates.

The website is organized to provide three different outputs:

Each search result also provides a link to download the resulting list as an Excel CSV file designed for mailing legislators, candidates or fundraising. The CSV file contains many more the fields of the database then shown on the search results page.

Kohoike.org is one of many Civic*Celerator projects sponsored by Common Cause Hawaii and Hawaii Open Data, with cooperation from the State of Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission, and made possible by a grant from the Voqal Fund.

Please consider checking the check box redirecting $ 3.00 of your Hawaii State tax payment to the Campaign Spending Commission. It does not raise your tax bill, but it does help open government.